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Birlik Machinery Industry

Following the saying '' Success is a journey, not a destination. '' and using our technological developments and experiences BMS manufactures mill machine parts and we believe that success comes wih working hard.

     BMS meets the needs with the equipments and with the professional technical team and manufactures the parts of mill machineries with the support of AR-GE department that is focused on production and design based on customer satisfaction.

     We grow with the belief that the obstacles will never be able to stop us but strengthen our stability and therefore we give more value to our customers and workers and move forward with our social responsibilities.

     We are so proud of working with our professional staff that is focused on customer's needs.. Our aim is being a solution to mill machinery sector with manufacturing mill machinery parts with our quality management and fast growing economical service.

       We follow the mission of being a company that gives a new route to the sector with turning the researches and developments into production and meeting all the needs of our customers without giving up on our quality and beliefs.

Our vision is following the saying '' one change gives us a new path of another change with the chance of developing '' and we work with quality manufacturing principles, awareness of our social responsibility with our professional team.


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